5 simple forgotten business travel tips

 1. Keep yourself healthy

Whether you’re traveling to make a presentation, making a sale, or meeting a potential client, you simply can’t be your best if you’re not healthy.  Load up on vitamins before you catch that flight and remember to stay hydrated.  We often times only grab that cup of coffee before heading out to catch the red eye.  You land, check into your hotel and very often don’t keep yourself hydrated which opens the door for headaches, irritability and fatigue.  None of these things will help you make a sale or be your best.

2. Relax while you travel

You will have plenty of time to work when you get to your destination. Unless you are under an important deadline, relax on your flight.  This will help you stay focused on your task at hand and be rested when you get to your destination.

3. Check in electronically

While most everyone who travels for business will do this without thinking, this is Business Traveler 101.  Checking in electronically for your flight before you get to the airport will most certainly help you avoid any long lines that could potentially make you miss your flight.  It’s hard to focus on your presentation or sale if you’re worried about just getting there.

4. Stay organized

Keep a folder that is easily accessible that has all of your traveling information in one place: Flight confirmations, car rental, car service, hotel information and itinerary.  Many can do this electronically now.  But creating one place or folder to keep all of your travel information will benefit you greatly.  Scouring through countless emails to find the name of the car service, car rental, hotel confirmation, or itinerary for your meetings is time consuming and causes anxiety.

5. Be prepared

Does the airport or hotel I’m traveling to have WiFi?   How long does it take to get to the hotel from the airport?  Is MY bank close by and if so, what’s the best way I can get there?  What kind of food options will I have within walking distance from the hotel?

– These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself before you leave the house.  Many unexpected things can happen when you’re traveling and knowing the answers to these simple questions will help you be prepared for the unexpected.


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