How much to tip your chauffeur?

  As a chauffeur for many    years in the Nashville limo market, many clients, friends and family ask “what should we tip our chauffeur”?


If you are looking for a quick answer, standard tipping is   between 10%-20%.

If you want to look at this a bit further, there are several factors that you may want to consider.

1. Does the limo company you’re using include automatic gratuity?

– It seems to be split down the middle with companies who include automatic gratuity vs companies who leave it completely up to the client. So, make sure to read over the confirmation/reservation agreement sent to you by the company.

– If a company does include automatic gratuity in your total, it is acceptable to give additional gratuity if your service was exceptional. (Like restaurant servers, chauffeurs work hard for tips.)

– If a company does not include automatic gratuity, most provide a way to add gratuity to your credit card or cash will do just fine.

2. Did you receive excellent service?

– Was your chauffeur on time or early?
– Did they know how to get you to your destination?
– Was the vehicle clean, inside and out?
– Did you feel safe as a passenger while you were being chauffeured?
– Did they meet and/or exceed your expectations?
(Just to name a few)

3. What type of trip were you on?

– Was it a simple airport transfer or all night hourly trip?
– Did the vehicle require any special certifications (like a CDL) for your chauffeur?

These are a few things you should consider when calculating a chauffeur tip.


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