Training Chauffeur Confidentiality


One of the easiest ways that limousine companies lose clients is by not consistently training their chauffeurs and staff to keep “Client Confidentiality”.  As a chauffeur and chauffeur trainer in the Nashville Limo market, I’ve seen first hand how this can cost a company money.

Many chauffeured transportation companies barely break the surface when it comes to client confidentiality.  It seems that it becomes just a paragraph, buried within legal jargon, in a chauffeur’s handbook.  And when it is brought up, it’s almost as if it’s only meant for celebrities. When training a class of new chauffeurs, I like to ask “What type of client is most important for keeping Client Confidentiality?”  And almost every answer involves celebrities or entertainers!  The answer I’m looking for is, Every Single Client!  Here are 3 different types of client confidentiality and reasons why your chauffeurs should be trained, re-trained, and trained again to keep you from loosing clients and money.

1.  Celebrity/Entertainer Privacy

Yes, this is one of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about confidentiality.  The celebrities or entertainers that use your company expect their privacy maintained.  Far too often I’ve seen chauffeurs, dispatchers, and even owners post who they were driving on Twitter, Facebook, and their website.  While it may go unnoticed, the one time it doesn’t can be costly.

In many limousine markets, chauffeurs get approached by autograph collectors and photographers that pay chauffeurs for the Who, When, and Where of celebrity information.  Many limousine employers don’t realize this is even happening.  How many times will a celebrity continue booking trips with your company when every time these groups know their exact movements?

2.  Client to Client Privacy

Training chauffeurs not to talk about clients they’re driving or have driven is also very important.  It doesn’t matter if they are celebrities or not, it can still effect you.

True Story:  A husband and a wife had booked 2 separate airport transfers going to the same hotel.  They were both arriving on different flights but with flight delays, they were landing 5 minutes apart.  The chauffeur decided to ask the wife if she would like to ride with her husband since he just landed as well.  As it turns out, the wife was there on business and the husband was making a surprise visit for their 25th wedding anniversary.  She was surprised and so was the limousine company when the hotel sent all of their business elsewhere.


3. Client to Other Chauffeur’s Privacy

All too often, chauffeurs from different companies see each other at the same events, hotels, and airports.  We must all be friends since we’re in the same business, right?  Wrong!  I’ve heard chauffeurs brag about clients they’ve driven, how much they tip, and how many times a week they book trips.  That’s great, now you’ve just given inside information that would make for an easy sales pitch.  Make your chauffeurs aware that when they don’t keep client confidentiality, they lose money because the company loses clients.


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