CMA Awards 2012: Parking tips

     The CMA Awards are upon us yet again on Nov. 1st, 2012 in Nashville Tn.  The Bridgestone Arena will be packed with Country Music Stars and fans alike.  Every year this event sells out with approximately 18,000 people at the show and another 1,000 or so working behind the scenes.  Needless to say, you’re probably not going to find a parking spot up front.  (Unless of course you’ve hired a car service for the night.)
So, here are a few tips on parking.

1. Wear comfortable shoes (or at least bring them along)
-Ladies and Gentlemen:  Plan on walking a ways.  With all of the construction surrounding the Bridgestone Arena, many sidewalks/paths are temporary and not made for beautiful footwear.
2. Make sure you park in a safe/legal place
-If you tell yourself, “I hope I don’t get towed here” it’s probably a good idea to move your vehicle.  Tow trucks are out in full force this night.  Paying $20 now is cheaper than $75 tow fee plus a $25 cab ride to your car.
-Make sure you give money to the right parking attendant.  There are quite a few bums and scam artists walking around collecting money for parking when they’re not authorized.

3. Put anything you don’t want stolen in your trunk
-The parking attendants will probably leave before the show is over.  Don’t let your car be the one that gets its windows broken out.
(I’ve seen windows broken out just to take loose change someone saw in the center console)
4. Charge your phone before hand
-In the past, at the end of the night, I hear people saying they wish they had charged their phone more before hand.  From start to finish the show will last about 3 hours.
-Tip – in the Bridgestone Arena’s Patron Club there is a “Go Charge” station which is a rapid charge phone charge system with hookups for about every type of phone.  (Unfortunately, you must be a Nashville Predators club seat ticket holder to access the club.)
5. Remember where you parked.
-This is not Disney world with tram service to Donald Duck Lot F.  Take a look at cross streets and landmarks so you can find your car at the end of the night.
6. If you plan on leaving your car overnight…

-When you park, make sure you double-check whether or not your vehicle will be allowed to stay overnight.  Some parking will be day of event only and you can run the risk of being towed the next morning.

Most of this is common sense but sometimes forgotten.  I hope this helps and we at 9Seven Executive hope you have a safe, wonderful night.


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