What is garage to garage billing?

In the limousine industry, questions about billing tend to be perplexing for customers.  Making sure you fully understand the way your limousine or car service company is billing you, can help you decide if you are getting the most for your money.  While no two companies are exactly the same, most limousine companies follow many of the same rules when it comes to billing.  In this article we are specifically looking at garage to garage billing.

What is garage to garage billing?

Well, simply put, it is where the customer is charged from the time the vehicle leaves the garage until the time it returns to the garage.  (Also known as “drive time”)

When does garage to garage billing apply?

In most cases, limousine companies charge garage to garage billing when the pick-up or drop-off address is outside of that company’s standard operating radius.   (The average tends to be about a 30 mile radius)

Now, that being said, most companies tend to have different opinions of where the center of their radius is located.

– Some companies count their “garage” as their center starting radius

– Some companies count the “center of the city” as their starting point

– Some companies use the closest “airport”

– And unfortunately, some companies use the starting radius that benefits them the most

So two good questions to ask when being billed garage to garage are:

1.  How far away do you start charging Garage to Garage?

2. Where is the starting point of your garage to garage radius?

If one company bills from their physical address and another starts from the closest airport, one company may charge you garage to garage while the other does not.  Knowing this may just help you save the cost of paying for an extra hour.

Another common question on garage to garage billing is:

1. What if the chauffeur leaves early, gets stuck in traffic on the way back, or stops to eat?  Will I be billed for that unnecessary time?

*Answer:  No, garage to garage billing should be a predetermined drive time that you are fully aware of at the time of booking.  You should never be charged for a chauffeur taking extra time or unforeseen elements when it comes to garage to garage billing.  Upon receiving your trip confirmation/reservation, good companies will tell you up front what they are charging for drive time.

After all, everyone hates hidden or surprise charges.  We hope this clarifies your garage to garage billing questions.


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