Valentine’s Day in Nashville – 2013

Nashville Valentines DayHere we are again guys/gals, Valentines Day 2013 in Nashville.  There are no doubt several of you that were wishing the apocalypse would have happened so you wouldn’t need to think about Valentine’s Day.  With Valentine’s Day 2013 approaching soon let’s begin to get some ideas so that you’re not frantically planning on Feb. 13th.

Let’s start from the beginning, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th which falls on a Thursday this year (2013).  In our previous post we listed 5 great Nashville restaurants to consider taking your loved one to dinner.  Of course the earlier you make reservation, the better.  In this article we will look at some other Valentine’s Day in Nashville ideas.

1.  Flowers 

Flowers are to Valentine’s Day as parsley is to a  fine meal.  (They make the meal look better but you can’t just give someone a plate of parsley.)  So consider your flowers are simply a garnish of the day.  They are expected and are not to be treated as the main gift themselves.  Some of the most affordable flowers can be found at your neighborhood grocery stores such as: Aldi, Kroger, Publix, and Wild Oats.  In some cases you may need to piece together your own arrangement but this can easily save you up to $50.

2. Dinner Reservations

Being that Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this may buy you some time into the weekend (either Friday or Saturday) to make plans.  We suggest making reservations sooner than later so you’re not stuck with mid afternoon or late night reservations.  Nashville has quite a selection of great restaurants and again here are 5 great ones that we suggest.

3. In Home Chef

Forget about the reservations, hire an in-home chef to come prepare you and your significant other a romantic meal at home.  This can run you between $80-$250 per person depending on the number of courses but always an unforgettable experience.

4. Limo/Car service

Want to make an impression this year?  Hiring a limo or car service to take you both to dinner will certainly be memorable.  Most Nashville Limo companies will sell out 2-3 days prior to Valentine’s Day so if this is something you would like to do, book early.

5.  Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  But if you don’t know what type of chocolate your significant other is keen on, start asking now and take notes. (Tip: Candy Bars in the checkout line are not suggested)  Look for something a little more exciting than your generic heart shaped box of assorted chocolates.  Check out some great Nashville local stores here:  Colts Chocolates,  The Cocoa Tree, or  Olive & Sinclair

6. A Gift

Gifts are great but remember this whole day is about being thoughtful so give your gift some thought over anything.  Don’t just buy jewelry because it’s jewelry.  A thoughtful gift will go a whole lot further.  Ask yourself these questions…

  • What does my significant other love?
  • What have they been talking about lately?
  • Did this gift require more than 5 minutes of thinking before I bought it?

After all, a gift doesn’t automatically say I love you just because You bought it.  This is where “it’s the thought that counts” comes into play.


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