Why its a big deal that Rolls Royce and Bentley came to Nashville

Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville As Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville celebrated their one year anniversary last week, there are many people who have yet to discover that Nashville has its very own, ultra luxury dealership.  Well Nashville, they are here and it’s impressive.

Bentley has only 41 authorized dealerships in the US with Rolls Royce having only 33. This puts Nashville/Franklin on the map of the uber-elite.  To put that in perspective, California and Florida have 12 of the 33 Rolls Royce dealerships.

Bentley of Nashville Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville is tucked away on the border of Brentwood/ Franklin in the Cool Springs area right off of Bakers Bridge road at 225 Comtide Blvd.  It’s located behind Wild Ginger Restaurant and right next to Infiniti of Franklin.

The dealership is beautiful and has more high dollar cars than you would find at a Kardashian wedding.  With well over 30 cars on their lot ranging from $140,000 to $450,000+, there’s a vehicle for everyone.  Rolls Royce Nashville

The staff, led by General Manager, Tom Buckley, is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.  If anywhere in your mind you thought people selling Rolls Royce and Bentley’s would be snooty, then visit Tom and his staff and you will find that is far from the truth.

So, why did Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley decide to come to the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin area?  Well, besides Nashville being a fast up and coming city, just outside of Nashville is Williamson County. (where Brentwood and Franklin reside) Williamson County has been in the top 20 wealthiest counties in the US for the past 10+ years.

It just makes sense to finally have an exotic/luxury car dealership in the heart of where the money is located.  Before Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville arrived, there were a few unauthorized dealerships around Nashville that had the occasional Maserati or older  Bentley.  But at last, there is no need to drive to Atlanta, Florida or California to find your next exotic/luxury vehicle.  Simply go see Tom Buckley at Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville.

Maserati of Nashville

They are open Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm with Sunday reserved for private showings only.  Their website is www.mrrbnashville.com  to see their full inventory or you can call them at 888-545-1585.

Once you drive one of these luxury vehicles, you will never be the same until the day you own one.


Is your limo reservation system like a cold-dead fish handshake?

 Imagine you are meeting someone for the very first time and you are about to give them your business.  You go to shake their hand and they give you a cold-dead fish handshake.   Or even worse, they hold on to your hand 10 seconds too long.  Limo Reservation taking is the initial handshake you get before doing business and often times, the first impression of your company.  If that handshake is broken, I promise you, you are losing clients.

There are many aspects that we, as limousine companies, must constantly be improving.  One detail that gets overlooked quite frequently is one of the most important, taking reservations!  Many limo companies have great service, great vehicles, and great pricing but are losing clients from the gate.   Here are 5 ways to help you improve your limo reservation taking system.

1.  Ask your clients how They like to book trips?

Every client is different.  Some clients prefer the standard phone call while others try anything to avoid speaking with anyone at all.  Ask your clients what they prefer.  It’s very simple.  If you find that the majority of your clients would prefer booking through a downloaded app, well it’s time to get an app.  If you find the majority prefer speaking with someone on the phone, find a way to get them to a customer service rep faster.

2.  Offer multiple ways for clients to make reservations…

Communicate to your clients that you have multiple ways they can book trips.  Create an online reservation system, a template they can download and email, or even a web based app.   At our company, 9Seven Executive, we have a dedicated cell phone that stays with our reservation department because several of our biggest clients prefer to text.

3.  Become a secret shopper for your own company. (Or hire a company to do it for you)

Have a friend call your customer service to make a reservation.  See how long it takes to complete from start to finish.  (You may be surprised)  If it takes longer than 5 minutes to make a reservation, there is something very wrong.  Restaurants hire secret shoppers to get true feedback all of the time, why aren’t limousine companies doing this?  Hire a secret shopper to give you a review of their entire service from reservations to billing.

4.  Review, audit and streamline your reservation Process…

Procedures and protocols are a necessity for every limo/car service company.  They are what keep a company organized and efficient.  Unfortunately some companies can tend to over complicate those procedures that can waste a clients time.  Take a line by line look at your reservation procedures to see if there is any information you can streamline.

5.  Create a quick and simple process for repeat clients to book trips…

I understand there is quite a bit of information to obtain during the reservation process.  But would anybody use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn if you had to enter your email, telephone, address, city, state, zip, mothers maiden name, username and password Every Time you logged in?  Probably not.  So why do you make your regular clients do the same thing?  Simplify the process for your repeat clients to give them ease of access.

Remember that taking reservations quickly and efficiently is like the first hand shake of your business deal.  Make sure yours isn’t the cold dead fish.

What is garage to garage billing?

In the limousine industry, questions about billing tend to be perplexing for customers.  Making sure you fully understand the way your limousine or car service company is billing you, can help you decide if you are getting the most for your money.  While no two companies are exactly the same, most limousine companies follow many of the same rules when it comes to billing.  In this article we are specifically looking at garage to garage billing.

What is garage to garage billing?

Well, simply put, it is where the customer is charged from the time the vehicle leaves the garage until the time it returns to the garage.  (Also known as “drive time”)

When does garage to garage billing apply?

In most cases, limousine companies charge garage to garage billing when the pick-up or drop-off address is outside of that company’s standard operating radius.   (The average tends to be about a 30 mile radius)

Now, that being said, most companies tend to have different opinions of where the center of their radius is located.

– Some companies count their “garage” as their center starting radius

– Some companies count the “center of the city” as their starting point

– Some companies use the closest “airport”

– And unfortunately, some companies use the starting radius that benefits them the most

So two good questions to ask when being billed garage to garage are:

1.  How far away do you start charging Garage to Garage?

2. Where is the starting point of your garage to garage radius?

If one company bills from their physical address and another starts from the closest airport, one company may charge you garage to garage while the other does not.  Knowing this may just help you save the cost of paying for an extra hour.

Another common question on garage to garage billing is:

1. What if the chauffeur leaves early, gets stuck in traffic on the way back, or stops to eat?  Will I be billed for that unnecessary time?

*Answer:  No, garage to garage billing should be a predetermined drive time that you are fully aware of at the time of booking.  You should never be charged for a chauffeur taking extra time or unforeseen elements when it comes to garage to garage billing.  Upon receiving your trip confirmation/reservation, good companies will tell you up front what they are charging for drive time.

After all, everyone hates hidden or surprise charges.  We hope this clarifies your garage to garage billing questions.