How to find a trustworthy cleaning service in Nashville

Whether you currently use a maid service or you are looking to start, there are a few key points of importance that everyone, from the president to the bachelor in the one bedroom apartment, must look for.  Trust!  First, before anything else, “Do i feel like I can trust this person in my home?”  This is YOUR HOME This is where you and the things most important to you reside.  In this article we will look at how “Trust” is one of the most important factors in choosing a cleaning service.

Can I trust the people coming to clean my house?

trust     If you’re like me, you don’t answer the door every time someone knocks.  You creep completely around your home through every window angle to get a better glimpse of this unknown visitor who has come calling unannounced.  No one anticipates unexpected guests anymore.  Every encounter has some preemptive notion such as a text, a phone call or an email.  You wouldn’t invite them into your home unless you knew them.  The same goes for a cleaning company.  Just because they have a business card and a cleaning kit, doesn’t mean they are people who you want scouring through your home.

How to develop trust with your cleaning company?

  • Trust is earned, not given: In most cases it simply takes time

The majority of cleaning service takes place while the people who live there are not home.  Would I trust this person in my home when I am not there?  Do I know this person?  They have great reviews, and a business card, should I automatically trust these people into my home.

  • Get a referral from a trusted friend

Asking friends or family for a referral of the cleaning company or maid service they use is a great way to find a reliable service.

  • Ask the company for references: And call them

Any reliable and legitimate cleaning service should have a list of references they can send to you.  Do your due diligence and call some references ahead of time.


9Seven Cleaning Service Does your cleaning service communicate with you?

Many times you never really know who your cleaning company is sending from week to week.  And in the lucky chance you get the same cleaning person each time, how comfortable are you to talk with this person?  Can you talk with this person?  If something isn’t done to your satisfaction, how comfortable are you to discuss it with them?  Trust isn’t just a judgment of encounter, trust is having communication with your maid service.

  • Does the cleaning company communicate who they are sending to clean your home?
  • Do they honor requests if there is a particular maid your prefer?
  • Do they follow up with you to ensure satisfaction?
  • Are they asking what’s important to you?

There is a thin line between professionalism and personable-ism. You are hiring a person to come into your home to do a job for you.  This is a hiring process, an interview.  Your cleaning service shouldn’t just come in, walk through your home and tell you how much you have to pay them.  This is an interview process and you’re the one hiring.  Be prepared to ask them questions…

1.  Do you have a list of references I can call?

2.  Do you have a copy of insurance and bonding certificates?

3.  Do you background check your employees?

4.  Will you send the same person to clean every week?

5.  What is your cancellation policy if I need to cancel for a week?

You have a vision of how your home should look before the cleaning service notion ever began.  Clearly define what is “clean”.  My husbands idea of clean differs quite a bit from my idea of clean.  Know that all of these meticulous details take time, with time comes a price.

9Seven Maid ServiceNarrow down your:  Basics – Musts – Wishes

If your home office is in order of personal organization, than that entire room should not be figured into your quote.  If your basement is out of commission, that square-footage shouldn’t be figured into your quote.  Lastly, be realistic, this is a maid service you are hiring, not your house keeper.  Pick up your undies, your this and that clutter as this will leave more time for your maid service to give the attention to detail in your cleaning needs you discussed from the git-go.


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