The Pre-Cleaning game for a Mt. Juliet maid service

Mt. Juliet Cleaning ServiceYour maid service is coming today!  Hooray, you look forward to this all week!  Coming home to a clean house is my favorite!  The only thing that could make it better would be having a chef who has prepared dinner and who cleans up after!  On these mornings you rush around tossing shoes and toys in the closets.  Believe me for this, we maids thank you 🙂

I have a maid service coming to my Mt. Juliet home today, should a do a little pre-clean?

Not to speak for all maids and butlers across the board, because I know this in great majority may not be the case.  But as for myself and my craft and profession, Serving people is a passion, cleaning is my craft.  A chef prepares plates of passion and great presentation. Toilets aren’t a passion, the presentation and delivery is my passion.  The “WOW” factor.  When a maid walks into your home she can start with a messy home and straighten the clutter or she can walk into a dirty home that needs to be cleaned.  Doing a bit a pre-cleaning to your home will allow your Mt. Juliet maid service to focus on making things clean rather than just in order.

What’s your idea of Clean?

Everyone has their own idea of clean.  For some people its vacuum lines in the carpets and the dishes put away.  For me, its removing dirty finger prints from the doors, light switches and cabinets.  Being clear with your maid on what you would like is so easy to do.  We are simply maids and unfortunately not mind readers.  (Mind reading maids tend to be extremely expensive.)  Everyone’s expectation and focus may differ.

Let’s compare checklists

An experienced Mt. Juliet maid service will arrive with a checklist to review during the initial interview/consultation.  A prepared home owner has a checklist of their own.  How easy is that?  Bringing both of these checklists to the table can prevent quite a bit of disappointment later. After a few cleans you may notice something that you would like to add to the weekly list, awesome let your maid know!  She wont know unless you tell her.  At the same time, if your maid is doing something you love, let her know!  We love compliments!

Let us help you!  When the original cleaning “to-dos” were negotiated; bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, stairs and baseboards, the pile of clean clothes left on the sofa and last nights dinner party was not factored into the equation for weekly cleans.  The less you leave laying around allows your maid more time to focus on the presentation and “wow” we strive to deliver.  That being said, folding laundry and cleaning up after parties can be arranged.  Lets talk dollars so it makes sense.

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