5 simple ways to get noticed for a promotion

Unless you own the business, almost everyone is looking for a way to be noticed for a promotion.  A promotion gives you, not only the satisfaction of knowing you are doing a great job, but in some cases, it can also mean a raise.  Some people do a great job but get looked over when it comes to promotion time.  How is this??  Let’s get you noticed.


Well, here are 5 simple ways to get noticed for that well deserved promotion.

1.  Always be on-time

And by on-time, we mean 5 minutes early.  Arriving 5 minutes early allows you time to walk in, get situated and ready for work at the actual starting time.  You may think your boss doesn’t notice that you are five minutes late everyday.  More often than not they do or they at least have someone that isn’t afraid to let them know.

2.  Always call if you’re going to be late

Calling your boss ahead of time when you are going to be late may seem uncomfortable at first, but it shows great communication.  (Unless you do it everyday)  It also shows your boss that, despite the fact that you may get in trouble, you called because you care.  It allows them to put more trust in you because you are willing to even tell on yourself

3.  Ask for feedback

Ask your boss for feedback when it comes to doing a job better.  Be proactive and ask about areas they see need improving.  (Certainly don’t ask everyday)  Don’t wait until a yearly review to find out you’re missing a promotion because of something you could have improved.  Ask your boss about how they would have handled a certain situation?

4.  Give them feedback

By this we don’t mean to tell them how they could do their job better.  Simply, when you get feedback about improving your job, give them feedback on the steps you’ve taken to improve.  It is okay to occasionally let your boss know about something good you did for the company.  Sometimes You need to be your biggest fan by letting them know you did something great.  Just remember that over-doing it will get annoying quickly.

5.  Ask for more…

Once you’ve mastered the 4 steps above, ask your boss for more responsibility or  an opportunity to learn additional job duties.  Seeking this out on your own makes you well on your way to becoming irreplaceable.  The more knowledge you have about your business or industry as a whole, the easier it is for you to be promoted.

A trusted employee who is always on time, asking how they can improve, and are searching for ways to become more knowledgeable about the business, will be at the top of the list when it comes time for promotions.


Why its a big deal that Rolls Royce and Bentley came to Nashville

Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville As Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville celebrated their one year anniversary last week, there are many people who have yet to discover that Nashville has its very own, ultra luxury dealership.  Well Nashville, they are here and it’s impressive.

Bentley has only 41 authorized dealerships in the US with Rolls Royce having only 33. This puts Nashville/Franklin on the map of the uber-elite.  To put that in perspective, California and Florida have 12 of the 33 Rolls Royce dealerships.

Bentley of Nashville Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville is tucked away on the border of Brentwood/ Franklin in the Cool Springs area right off of Bakers Bridge road at 225 Comtide Blvd.  It’s located behind Wild Ginger Restaurant and right next to Infiniti of Franklin.

The dealership is beautiful and has more high dollar cars than you would find at a Kardashian wedding.  With well over 30 cars on their lot ranging from $140,000 to $450,000+, there’s a vehicle for everyone.  Rolls Royce Nashville

The staff, led by General Manager, Tom Buckley, is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.  If anywhere in your mind you thought people selling Rolls Royce and Bentley’s would be snooty, then visit Tom and his staff and you will find that is far from the truth.

So, why did Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley decide to come to the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin area?  Well, besides Nashville being a fast up and coming city, just outside of Nashville is Williamson County. (where Brentwood and Franklin reside) Williamson County has been in the top 20 wealthiest counties in the US for the past 10+ years.

It just makes sense to finally have an exotic/luxury car dealership in the heart of where the money is located.  Before Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville arrived, there were a few unauthorized dealerships around Nashville that had the occasional Maserati or older  Bentley.  But at last, there is no need to drive to Atlanta, Florida or California to find your next exotic/luxury vehicle.  Simply go see Tom Buckley at Maserati-Rolls Royce-Bentley of Nashville.

Maserati of Nashville

They are open Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm with Sunday reserved for private showings only.  Their website is www.mrrbnashville.com  to see their full inventory or you can call them at 888-545-1585.

Once you drive one of these luxury vehicles, you will never be the same until the day you own one.